Our Quality

Here at Enzo's Homes, we do things a little differently. It's a difference you don't only see in the big things, but in the small things too, and it's a difference you can feel whenever you enter an Enzo's Home.

It's why we were the 2013 winners of the LABC Building Awards, and why we've become known for some of the highest quality finishes in the new build market.

We also proudly offer the CRL structural defects warranty on all our homes, topped off with our 5-year fixtures and fittings warranty, giving you peace of mind long after you move in.

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Doors, Trims & Fittings

Say goodbye to flimsy moulded doors and hello to solid wooden pine and oak doors, complete with solid wood 6" skirting.

All of this is finished off with with high quality chrome ironmongery and covered by our 5 year fixtures and fittings guarantee.

new home quality and eco friendly features

Coving & finishes

We won't complete your new home by slapping some uninspiring and cheap white paint on the walls.

Instead, we finish all our homes with the quality we started them with and choose the best quality paints and subtly warm tones available for the job.

We also use plaster coving as standard, boosting the overall quality and style of our finish even further.

Unmatched Insulation

new home quality and eco friendly features

We have further stepped up our insulation methods and are excited to offer the most advanced solution available for domestic homes.

Expert50 is a multi-layered reflective insulation which provides additional thermal resistance to reduce the thickness of insulation and provide high performing, cost effective solutions. It comprises of 13 layers, 2 reinforced metallised polyester foils, 6 polyester wadding layers and 5 metallised polyester films.

  • Reflects radiant heat
  • Adds insulation value
  • Seals as a vapour barrier
  • Boost U values, airtightness and the building’s lifetime
  • Cost effective
  • Clean & Safe

Download the Expert50 brochure here

Clay Bricks and more

A common shortcut on new build homes, the use of low quality bricks can all too quickly decrease the overall curb appeal of a property. Instead, we use high qualityclay bricks and sandstone quoin heads to provide that touch of class and quality to our homes.

Leading Bathrooms

new home quality and eco friendly features

Our bathroom suites are stocked with fixtures and fittings from leading brands such as Armiture Shanks, Trifords and Ideal Standard.

Solid Construction

We're rewriting the rule book when it comes to new home construction. Take for example our interior wall studs, which are approximately twice the width of industry standard, providing better structural integrity and sound and heat insulation.