Help to BuyThe government scheme to get you on the ladder sooner.

Are you finding buying a new home unaffordable? Rising house prices and stricter mortgage requirements means you're not alone. But thanks to Enzo's Homes and Help to Buy, getting a mortgage for your dream home just got a whole lot easier...

Move into an Enzo's Home with just 5% deposit

To help hard-working people like you take steps towards buying your own home, the government's popular Help to Buy scheme provides a shared equity loan to buyers of new-build homes. The scheme's conditions depend on your region, and the below information relates to Help to Buy Wales and all homes based in Wales.

Please note: As of April 2021, the Help to Buy Wales scheme is changing; any previous versions of the scheme will no longer be valid after this date.

A big hinderence to people buying a brand new home is the size of deposit required. Under the Help to Buy Wales scheme only 5% is required, and the government will provide 20% in the form of a shared equity loan. This loan is interest free for 5 years and means you are only then required to find a mortgage for 75% of the value of the property. You are able to use standard methods to do this, and a range of mortgage options and providers are available.

Enzo's Homes are registered Help to Buy Wales builders, meaning that any of our Welsh developments are able to be applied for under this scheme. However only houses priced at a maximum of £250,000 are covered by the scheme. Additionally, only new-build homes qualify for the scheme, making the case for an Enzo's Home stronger than ever before.

For more information, please visit the Help to Buy Wales government website here, or here for England.

Example Breakdown

Example house value of £200,000:

Percentage Amount
Your Deposit 5% £10,000
Government Loan 20% 40,000
Mortgage 75% 150,000
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